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What are the necessary conditions to use RingIt? + -

A desktop, laptop or tablet of your choice. Your company logo, color scheme, customer and staff database. To enjoy a full experience, we also recommend a label printer.

What printers does RingIt support? + -

We currently support most label printers. It prints directly once your device has been set up.

How secure is Ringit? + -

The Ringit app was built with security in mind. All communications between our servers and your devices are encrypted. Our hosting platforms have been proven to be secure. Our policies involving expiring tokens, rate-limiting password attempts, code reviews, logging, and others are treated with utmost concern.

Which badge sizes does Ringit support? + -

The Ringit visitor badges are best when printed on a 3.9″¬†or 2.4″ fabric friendly, self-adhesive label. You can order these badges from us or get the required sizes elsewhere.

Can I customize the badge design? + -

Badge designs and texts are fully customizable to your company’s brand and colours with a few lines of CSS for Ringit’s Event, Biz or Enterprise plans.

What is Ringit's privacy policy? + -

You can review our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy on our website.

Which payment methods do you accept? + -

We accept all major credit cards. You can contact us if you’re looking for an alternate payment method or invoices.